Monday, October 16, 2023

Second serigraph print!

 I am very proud to introduce my newest silkscreened edition.

“Sorcerous” is my second hand-pulled serigraph, made with master printer Tony Clough of Serio Press.

~  "Sorcerous"  ~
6 color serigraph
Limited edition of 500
Signed & numbered by Audrey Kawasaki

The edition will be available on the Serio Press website 
at 11am PST on Wednesday, October 18th.

Check HERE  for exact time and date for your time zone.)

For early access, sign up to Serio Press pre-sale emails using this link.

According to the Met Museum, Medusa...
“represents a dangerous threat meant to deter other dangerous threats; an image of evil to repel evil.”

To me she radiates strong female energy and power; there is also allure, seduction, temptation and desire.

Last year my family and I moved to England. We recently took my young daughter to the local aquarium, and there, we found a large sculpture of Medusa with glowing eyes. Despite being afraid at first, my daughter became fascinated by her. It reminded me of when I was a child, and being afraid but also drawn to scary/creepy/eeriee creatures from myths & legends. A push & pull sort of feeling. I continue to have a strange fascination with mysterious stories and supernatural beliefs, and find comfort in being immersed in it. 

Tuesday, May 30, 2023

'To Be Yours' Time Limited Print Sale


I am happy to announce a new print will be available this coming weeekend!
This piece graced the cover of Beautiful Bizarre Magazine Issue 32 in 2021.
I am quite fond of this piece and I feel proud to make this edition available as a print.

The print of 'To Be Yours' will be available for 48 hours during the weekend of June 3rd ~ 4th Sat. & Sun.

This will be a Time-Limited Print Edition.
The sale starts on Sat. June 3rd 12am (midnight) Pacific Time and ends after 48 hours.
The sale will end on Sun. June 4th 11:59pm Pacific Time.

If you order within the 48 hours, you will be guaranteed a print!
(Check beginning time here for exact time and date for your time zone. End time here.)

Available for purchase on Static Medium Shop.

~ 20" x 24" (including 1/8" white border)
~ giclee print on 100% archival cotton rag paper
~ the edition size is determined by how many orders were made within the 48 hours.
~ signed and numbered by the artist
~ prints are signed in the image area (not in the white space under the image).
~ will never be reprinted
~ unframed prints will be shipped in a tube.

~ unframed price: $150
~ framed price: $310
Shipping/handling: calculated in check out.
We ship worldwide.

Thank you always for the support.
These past few months have been a whirlwind, especially with my big move to a different country. I'm currently working on a new body of work, that will be exhibited in London in November this year. Excited to share those with you then. 💛

Thursday, April 28, 2022

Spot the Difference #3


Click HERE for a better view.

Here is my third and last puzzle (for now) in this series.

This one is called 'Meow District' and there are 10 differences.
I recommend looking at it on a tablet or laptop.

I was imagining post-war Showa era Japan vibe and architecture. In a part of the city that is unfamiliar. During sunset, when it slowly starts to get dark and chilly. People heading home. Others heading out. I really enjoyed adding fun and mysterious/creepy/eerie elements in this one too.

I treated these three puzzles like a homework assignment. The challenge was to design three distinct scenes and attempt at being a puzzle-maker. I'm pretty happy with the results. I hope you liked it too. Thank you for playing. :)

*click HERE for answer key to this puzzle.

Wednesday, April 27, 2022

Spot the Difference #2


Click HERE for a better view.

I made another Spot-the-Difference puzzle for you to play.

This one is called 'At The Edendale' and there are 10 differences.
I recommend looking at it on a tablet or laptop.

The idea for this image came from a photo I took at The Edendale, for my friend, Jordana's birthday. Masha, Ken Garduno, and David at the table too. I hope it's challenigng and fun.

*click HERE for answer key to this puzzle.

Friday, April 15, 2022

Spot the Difference

 Click HERE for a better view.

(*scroll down for answer key)

Hello! I made a Spot-the-Difference puzzle for you to play in your spare time.

This one is called 'Ghost Stories' and there are 10 differences.

I recommend looking at it on a tablet or laptop, though the difference wont be something too small or detailed like the Japanese writing in the center.

I wonder how long it will take you to solve it. It may take 15 minutes or it may take more than an hour. Let me know how long it took you the comments here or on my Instagram. I hope it's fun!

I was inspired by Saizeriya, a family restaurant chain in Japan, that has a kid's menu spot-the-difference that kept stumping adults. The illustrator, Yamasaki Hideaki (aka The Rocket Gold Star), is a genuis for creating these super challenging puzzles.

Click HERE to play Saizeriya puzzles.
I recommend scrolling down to the 2018 and after.

*click HERE for answer key to 'Ghost Stories' puzzle.

Sunday, February 27, 2022

'Ōmagatoki' Serigraph print

~ Ōmagatoki ~

12 color hand-pulled serigraph 18″ x 36.5″ Edition of 150, signed & numbered $725
I'm happy to announce my first serigraph print (also called silkscreen or screenprint) on paper, printed and published by Serio Press in Los Angeles. This is my first time creating a print edition using this traditional printmaking process. Serigraphy involves printing one color layer at a time by pushing ink through a mesh screen. The foundation for the image is based on an original graphite drawing I made specifically with this process in mind. Color was then added digitally by myself, and separated into 12 different color layers by the printmaker.

These prints will be available via a lottery system.
The lottery will open Friday, March 4th at 9am PST and closes Monday, March 7th at 9am PST.
(Check HERE and HERE for exact time and date for your time zone.)

Participants will need to submit a form to enter the lottery.

Winners will be contacted on Monday, March 7th, and can make the purchase. 

You can view more info on the Serio Press product page using this link: CLICK
At 9am PST on Friday we will add a link to the product page for entering the lottery.

Ōmagatoki is a Japanese term referring to the twilight hour, when the sun sets and the sky grows dark. Shadows start to slowly swallow the land, and a sudden cold wind sends a chill down the spine. Children are told to go home when it becomes dusk, for there may be dangerous creatures out in the unknown dark. Ōmagatoki, it is said, is when the spirits and monsters can cross over to our human world. They toy with us mortals, causing mischief and trickery. 

Ōmagatoki 逢魔時 literally means the hour of meeting evil spirits大禍時 (a different way of writing it) means the hour of great calamity

I personally find myself feeling quite melancholy and lonely during dusk. At the same time, as darkness sinks in, I can't suppress a feeling of anticipation and excitement that sometimes stirs inside me.

A small rough sketch of this drawing was originally created as a concept for a mural in Little Tokyo, Los Angeles, that didn't come to fruition. As my family and I are planning a big move from LA to the UK this year, we thought to revisit this image and recreate it into something unique. This piece was also inspired by a painting I had done in 2009 called 'Saying Goodbye'. It took me about 40 hours to complete the final pencil drawing which served as the basis for this print. I really enjoyed allowing myself to get lost in the drawing process.

I also found inspiration from vintage posters promoting carnivals/gigs/events, and psychedelic posters that used minimal yet striking colors. I also see a strong manga influence in this piece.

The original drawing will not be made available for purchase. She will stay with me for now.🌸

The drawing was then scanned. I digitally cleaned up the lines, made some adjustments, and then added/planned for the colors. Master printer, Tony Clough (and his team) at Serio Press, then worked their magic! And now we have a beautiful edition of prints.

This was my first serigraph print edition, and I had so much fun creating in a new medium. I’m grateful to have had this opportunity to work with Tony, Tri, David, and Benin at Serio Press. I learned so much making these prints, and I hope you’ll love them as much as I do!

Thank you for taking a look.
I hope you're well and keeping safe.

Stay weird.
Stay different.

Tuesday, April 6, 2021

'Omamori' Postcard Box Set

'Omamori'  おまもり
Limited-Edition Postcard Wood Box Set!

Available Saturday April 10th 2pm Pacific Time
(check HERE for exact time and date in your time zone.)

It will be available at our merch shop

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

- Includes Series One and Two postcards sets. Total of 26 cards.
  (Series One was released last year and has sold out. This is the first time Series Two is made available.)
- 5"x7" postcards in a 8"x5"x2" wooden box.
- Premium 15pt. velvet cards with an added soft-touch coating.
- The box is hand silkscreen printed by Serio Press in Los Angeles.
- Limited edition of 1000. Signed and numbered on the back of box by the artist.
- Limit of one box per person.
- We were careful not to use any plastic in the packaging material. Most of it is recyclable.

- $125 per box set 
- $10 flate rate shipping for US orders
- $50 flate rate shipping for non-US International orders

- Worldwide shipping available!
Our merch shop is run by my husband and I. We are a small team, and this is our first time attempting international orders. I know $50 for shipping seems pricey. This is because we will be using either UPS or DHL couriers, and not the USPS postal service. The postal service, when it comes to international orders, can be unreliable. We want to do our best to avoid lost packages. Signature may be required. Items may be subject to import taxes and custom fees, but we will try our best to accommodate.

If you have any questions or concerns email us at

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Scroll down for more photos and some extra info.

(Thank you for photos below by Jordana Sheara)

These were made and put together with lots of love by my husband, Robert, our friend, David Sanacore, and I. We hope to create and release more merchandise that are accessible and affordable. Plus it's fun and exciting to see how my work can translate into different mediums.

'Omamori' means lucky charm or amulet/talisman in Japanese. 
It's meant to bring good luck and protection.
Maybe you can use the cards or the box itself as a reminder of this.
Or keep something important and meaningful inside the box.

Each wood box is different and unique due to the wood grain nature.

The packaging of the box was specifically designed by Robert and I.
And each box set was put together by hand.
This project feels super special and personal to me. 
I felt very involved and exhilarated by the whole process.
I hope you can take hold of one and see for yourself. <3

Monday, February 15, 2021

'Hold Me' T-shirt release.


My very first T-shirt design will be available 

this Saturday 2/20 at noon 12:00pm Pacific Time.

(Check HERE for exact time and date for your time zone.)

Will be available on

Scroll down for more details.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

This is a part of Project Mother.

Project Mother was founded by my friend and artist Mari Inukai.

We intend to release shirts and masks etc., with part of the proceeds donated to a worthy cause of our choice, as a way to give back to the community and promote empathy and compassion.

This particular shirt was sponsored by Brandwear United, and we will be donating 25% of proceeds to Planned Parenthood.

I strongly believe that everyone should have access to comprehensive reproductive and sexual health care and education. Every single person has the right to be empowered to make informed decisions to lead healthy happy lives. I believe in defending reproductive rights and I advocate for policies that respect those rights to make informed decisions about our health, sex, and family planning.

It is essential, especially for young people, to get the help they need, that is affordable, safe, and without judgment - to reduce our nation’s alarmingly high rates of unintended teen pregnancies and STDs.

I stand with Planned Parenthood. 

~ ~ ~ ~ ~


-$65 (plus shipping/handling)

-60 of each size available. Will not be reprinted.

-Limit of one shirt per person, due to the low quantity available.

-US orders only.

-Sponsored by Brandwear United (Alternative Apparel)

 ‘Vintage Jersey T-Shirt’ Soft and breathable. 50% Cotton, 50% Polyester

~Check size chart for Women's and Men's

(Thank you photos by Jordana Sheara)

(Silkscreen printed by H2O Color Lab Inc.)

Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Small Business Saturday Prints 11/28


Prints of 'Let Them See' and 'She's With Me'
will be available this Saturday, November 28th at 12pm PST.

These are limited prints.

'Let Them See' was released last year at Miura Jiro Gallery in Tokyo.
Half the edition was sold through the gallery and sold out.
145 available (out of edition of 300).

'She's With Me' was released last year at Designer Con.
185 available (out of edition of 250).

Prints will be on sale this Saturday 11/28 at 12pm PST
(Check HERE for exact time and date for your time zone.)

Available for purchase on Static Medium Shop.

Limit of one of each print per person.
Please allow up to 4-6 weeks for delivery.
Arrival before Christmas not guaranteed, but will try our best.
Shipped worldwide.

~ Edition of 300. 145 available.
~ 16"x19" (including 1/8"white border)
~ $220 + shipping & handling
~ Archival pigment prints on Juniper Baryta paper
~ Signed and numbered by the artist
~ Will never be reprinted

~ Edition of 250. 185 available.
~ 20"x24" (including 1/8"white border)
~ $250 + shipping & handling
Archival pigment prints on 100% archival cotton rag paper
~ Signed and numbered by the artist
~ Will never be reprinted

Thank you for taking a look.
I hope you're doing well and safe. <3

Sunday, April 19, 2020

Here is my second coloring page
for everyone staying safe at home.

You can save/download a high-res HERE.

Hope you enjoy. :)