Tuesday, June 26, 2012

. Tiny Trifecta .

. My Little Joker . My Queen of Hearts. My Suicide King .
2.25"x3.5 ink on watercolor paper

these are for the 2nd Annual Tiny Trifecta Group Show
at Tara McPherson's boutique/gallery, Cotton Candy Machine in NY.

artists creates three tiny pieces for $100 each.

opening night is July 7th Saturday. 7pm to 11pm.
pre-registration starts at 4pm.
for more info check here.


  1. hi Audrey, beautiful work as always. what are the books in the background? (same one?) or is the first one your own work?

  2. Awesome. Love the Queen card.

  3. So beautiful! The Joker seems more 'Audrey' but the Queen is so intricate. Love her! x

  4. This is really neat that you did this! Recently, I posted on some sketches you uploaded on flickr and inquired why your "serious work" and sketches look so different; almost like different artists, and that I wondered why you hadn't done any "finished pieces" like your sketchbook style- Well, needless to say, I am very pleased that you have been making art like this as well! It's very interesting and unique! :D I love all your work, so don't read me wrong that I like this better than other pieces! I find all your work very lovely! Keep it up, dear!

  5. They are so lovely!!! Always love to come and see your new arts!

  6. Beautiful!!!!
    Question: Are the FAQ's coming soon? I saw you posted that it would be back in FEB.

  7. i love the line work! what monogram book(s) were you using for your cards? I'd like to check them out. I really love the lettering