Monday, September 24, 2012

. Hint Mint .

My Hint Mint artist series are now available!!
Pomegranate, Chocolate, and Peppermint can be purchased at Hint Mint or Giant Robot.
The other two Holiday mints will be available on their sites later this year.
For more up to date updates check Hint Mint Facebook Page.

update: For Hint Mint INTERNATIONAL orders.
call (800)991-6468 9am~5pm PST
email them at


  1. yayyyy! they came out so beautifully!
    congrats, aud! <3

  2. They look amazing. Too bad you can't order them outside of the USA or Canada.

    1. i believe Giant Robot ships to most internationals.

    2. Unfortunately, your lovely Hint Mint boxes are already sold out on Giant Robot.

  3. Ooh great!
    I have bought them immediately. I sooo much love your works and all my life I kept all boxes and tins that crossed my path - now I can have two in one! Thanks:)

  4. these are amazing! i have ordered mine already and cannot wait till i receive them. audrey, have you or do you plan on coming to Seattle for a show??? that would be awesome!

  5. it's so ridiculous: getting an art print to europe will cost you 20 USD, but shipping some little tin boxes will be 46 USD... which is not audrey's fault of course!

    and getting the holiday mints will be 46 USD, again.

    guess the world isn't globalized enough already :)

  6. Have you ever thought of printing any of your old work??? Like Umi no Yami no Jyoou, Possessed or anything? Its all wodnerful!! Or will you only ever do new prints? I'm just curious, thanks in advance. :)

    A loving die hard fan

  7. That's so cool to see artists selling mints in cheap crappy tins.