Tuesday, November 27, 2012

. Post-It Show 8 .

'Post-It Show 8' coming soon! at Giant Robot Gallery (GR2)
Saturday, December 8th.

every Post-It art is $25!!
Cash & Carry!!

( i think you can buy as many as you'd like but must be one per different artsist.
no hogging all from one artist.)

here's sneak peaks post its by artists:
Tessar Lo, Stella Im Hultberg,

I made 10. all on bright florescent post its. :p
see close up HERE.
$25 each!! be sure to get there early if you wanna grab one!


  1. You made so many! They look great! You are so smart that you left the second post-it on to preserve the sticky... ◎☆(♯××)┘

  2. If I only had someone in LA to grab me some of these. It's times like these I don't enjoy living smack dab in the middle of the country! Great work as usual!

  3. Sweeeeet! I'm really excited, it's the first year i'm in LA. Also the first year i'm in the show. These all look amazing and i love that you rounded the corners! They look so chic that way.

  4. Damn, this is such a great idea. I really wish that someone in London did this idea, so that I could join in too. You have really great post it note art, my favorite is the one on the bottom left. Never the less, I hope you all had a great time at this event.


  5. Love all of them. Wish I had enough money to buy them all. :(