Wednesday, December 4, 2013

SCOPE Miami Beach Art Fair

my mini solo show 
at Thinkspace Gallery booth.
12/4~12/8 11am~8pm

click ahead to see!

'Forever Still'
18"x24" oil, graphite, and ink on wood panel
'Stay With Me'
24"x24" oil, graphite, and ink on wood panel
'If Only You Knew'
24"x24" oil, graphite, and ink on wood panel
'Maybe Tomorrow'
24"x24" oil, graphite, and ink on wood panel
12"x12" oil, graphite, and ink on wood panel
18"x30" oil, graphite, and ink on wood panel
'Her Way'
18"x30" oil, graphite, and ink on wood panel
19"x19"oil and ink on wood panel


  1. OMG Miss Audrey, this group of ladies is so beautiful and breathtaking as always. I have to admit that although all your pieces are incredible, it's rare for me, as a fan of your work, to feel kinda connected to one in a special way. Artistically, I'm in love with every piece of yours since I started following your work back in LiveJournal! But "Stay with me" struck me in the very moment I saw her. All of them are so elegant and special, as your hands and heart can only make them, but this lady in particular is a magnet for me. I hope to be able to get a print of her someday (crossing my fingers so it comes out as an open-edition!). If not, I will have to wait 'til you make an artbook =)

    Big hugs!! Thank you for the inspiration! Have a wonderful time in Miami !

  2. I perfectly agree with Dianita's comment and feelings about your works. :) I am a fan of yours for ages... but your works looks more and more passionate and full of feelings.
    Best wishes! I'm glad to know your paintings. :)

  3. these are some breathtaking images just so in love with your work. ever thought of having your work in a book. would love that.

  4. I want an art book SO badly. I will spend whatever you want on it haha!! Adore your art it's just spectacular.

  5. These artworks are just amazing!
    Enjoy the art fair! (^^)/

  6. I hope you will make prints of the top right one! It's my favorite!!

  7. Dear Audrey,
    I'm a loving fan of your artwork. I have collected numerous pieces of your work throughout the years .. my only problem is that I'm having trouble finding a place that can safely frame them. Do you have any recommendations on to where I could get them framed? Thank you so much! I love your work!

  8. Hello.^^
    I stumbled upon your work while randomly image searching intaglio prints in art class. Your first intaglio print pretty much struck me like lightening. Intact, I found the peice so stunning, that I then searched for it's created for the rest of the hour. A few days, looking through your online gallery, and becoming a fan later, here I am.

  9. Bonjour, (no speak engish....) , en France nous avons Audrey Tautou (actrice), et je vous vois comme une Audrey Toutout.... très belle production sur tous les supports et magnifique blog.....charme, sensualité, douceur, érotisme, exotisme, rêve,..... il n'y a rien à jeter parmi vos œuvres et vous même y figurez à la première place ...lorsque vous évoluez dans votre domaine avec votre chat....merci de m'avoir fait partager votre talent et quelque part votre intimité de créatrice. Ne changez rien ! Tous mes vœux pour la suite de votre production et votre vie personnelle. Un français béat devant une very beautiful galerie et une very beautiful artiste !

  10. Breathtaking! It's shocking how beautiful these are.

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  12. Hi Audrey! I don't know if you check the comments, but I was wondering if there is going to be a print release anytime soon? I would love a print of one of your new pieces. Especially the piece, "Maybe Tomorrow." I'm still adoring my #16 offering print as well as others I was able to purchase here and there. Thank you so much!

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