Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Paint Guide

Oil on wood panel 
 16.75x16.75inches (42.5x42.5cm) 

A part of the first 'Paint Guide' group exhibit. 
Opening reception November 27th 2015. 
At the Unit London gallery.

Paint Guide is an Instagram account, started by Henrik Uldalin
An artist is invited to take over the account for a whole week, 
and post works of art that they love and are inspired by. 
This group show will show case those artist who were involved. 
It's quite an epic line-up!


  1. h-hey, Audrey, I was... wondering, i-if you're okay with people reposting your art on their blog? I mean, with credit and so. I wanted to send a private msg but I can find a way to do so, so please forgive me for this! if you don't want this msg here pls delete it

    1. oh sure no prob! thanks for asking. ;)

    2. Ah, thanks! (:
      you're art is beautiful btw <3

  2. hi audrey, I wanted to warn you that your image is used for an Italian site , I do not know if they paid royalties. http://lamenteemeravigliosa.it/non-conta-quello-che-si-dice-ma-come-lo-si-dice/
    if they paid regard the alert useless