Saturday, October 15, 2016

The Archive Print Sale will be happening at 12pm PST today at Static Medium's shop site.

Here is a preview of what is available and the quantity of each: CLICK

There is a little over 120 prints. prices range from $120~$500.

Please keep in mind that because there is a limited amount available, things might get a bit competitive, and there may be hiccups on the website server. So please bare with us and we apologize in advance if you are unable to purchase one. We will be sure to have more prints available in the near future.

Once you are able to click into shopping cart, you have 10 mins to complete the order.
If the order does not go though, that print will be available on the shop for someone else.

Will keep you posted on my Facebook page.


  1. Hey, I said the same on Facebook, but i's been a very frustrating experience. I hope I'll be able to buy some of your work one day, but so far has been impossible... I really like it. Maybe some other time

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