Friday, December 9, 2016

'Bloom' Mural in Miami, Florida.

Incredibly honored to have been invited to paint a mural at The Hotel of South Beach 
in Miami, Florida, during Art Basel week.
Thank you to Jessica Goldman of Goldman Global Arts for the experience.
This was part of Fearless Walls Event curated by Jessica Goldman of Wynwood Walls.

My wall is not in Wynwood area, but in South Beach, 
in the courtyard of The Hotel on the corner of 8th and Collins.
Feel free to visit and say hello to her, if your'e in the area. :)

See a Juxtapoze post by Sasha Bogojev here.

More pics below!

Initial sketch. Some changes were made on the actual wall.

Projecting the drawing on to wall.
11ft by 16ft.
(photo by Rob Humm)

Securing the line work.
(photo by Instagrafite)

I used outdoor house paint on the solid colors, line, and flowers,
but used oil paint for the face and hands.
I kinda like working on the rough texture wall surface.
(photo by Rob Humm)

I expected to finish this wall quicker than the last one in Hawaii, since it's significantly smaller, but that wasn't the case. The smaller the wall the more detail, and the more noticed flaws that need fixing and refining. I'm still getting the hang of this, and still learning. But I'm pretty happy with the result.

A thought I had today:
If I were to face a 11ftx16ft wood panel in my studio, I don't think I can manage. There is something about being on-site, in a public area, on a building wall, that is completely different from working on a personal work in my studio.
For me, it's about simplifying the design and planning the step by steps (but still be flexible).
It's about being in the environment, the architecture, and incorporating the surrounding colors and feels.
It's about having a limited time, getting up early, diving into it for a full days work, and just being completely consumed by it.
It's about the people and the community, and to witness, in real time, what I do have a positive affect for some.
So much strange adrenaline and force in the whole process and experience.
For a introvert/hermit, like me, it's a big boost in energy, and I can see it becoming something I really enjoy doing. :)

There is already talk of possible mural work in 2017. We shall see~!

Super special thanks to my one and only assistant and emotional supporter,
my hard working dedicated husband, and man of my life, Robert Humm! <3

Wynwood Walls Artist of 2016!
Such an honor to be a part of this talented bunch.


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