Monday, March 30, 2015

The One Page Comic Show

'On A Day Like This'
oil, graphite, and ink on wood panel

Piece for 'The One Page Comic Show' where artists were asked to tell a story in one page.
I was intrigued by this, since I grew up reading Japanese manga, and once dreamed of becoming a manga artist.
Though it was definitely challenging I enjoyed it.
This group show will be held at Roq La Rue Gallery in Seattle.
Curated by Robbie Lowery.
3/27-3/30 during Emerald City Comic Con.

See everyone's piece HERE.


  1. this is beautiful..i interpret it as a woman attempting the transition from a cold and grey winter to a light and colorful spring. then when spring finally comes for her, the world is lovely and colorful again like an overdone apology after the harsh grey winter. for now she only gets tiny reminders that spring is coming! i could be so farr of from you original intent!! this comic spoke to me. love the style of ink and oils.

    xoxox, naomi


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