Friday, March 18, 2016

Zelda Print Sale!

In honor of Legend of Zelda's 30th Anniversary,
I made a piece, inspired by the epic game series.

The first Zelda game I fell in love with was Link's Awakening on the Game Boy, 
when I was around 12. And have played most of Zelda games since. 

The original piece is currently being shown at Hero Complex Gallery,
in a group show co-curated by my friend, Jason Liwag.
(Show runs till April 4th. Visit the gallery site for hours.)

Due to popular request
a limited edition print will be available March 26th Saturday!

This is a limited edition of 250.
It will be available to purchase at Static Medium Shop. 
on Saturday 3/26 12:00pm Pacific Time.
(check here for the exact time and date for your time zone.)

~12" x 12" (with a 1/8" white border included)
~giclee print on 100% archival cotton rag paper
~signed and numbered on the image area
~framing option available! (scroll below)
~limit of one per person

~$140 unframed (plus shipping and handling)
~$290 framed (plus shipping and handling)

The 'Dreaming of Koholint Island' print has a framing option.

A beautiful black moulding with a gold inner trim, personally picked out by myself.
(has a bit of a dusty matte antique texture/finish.)
Conservationally framed with UV-coated acrylic.
Acid-free backing and spacers to allow the print to breath.

The prints will be available on Static Medium Shop.

Prints are signed in the image area (not in the white space under the image).
so if/when you would like it to get framed, you do not have to leave a white border around the image.
this way, it will look more like the original!
if you prefer a white border, you must get it matted accordingly.

Unframed Prints will be shipped in a tube.

(not flat) to expedite the shipping process.

Please allow up to 2~4 weeks for delivery.

if there are any concerns or questions please email us at


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