Tuesday, June 26, 2012

. Tiny Trifecta .

. My Little Joker . My Queen of Hearts. My Suicide King .
2.25"x3.5 ink on watercolor paper

these are for the 2nd Annual Tiny Trifecta Group Show
at Tara McPherson's boutique/gallery, Cotton Candy Machine in NY.

artists creates three tiny pieces for $100 each.

opening night is July 7th Saturday. 7pm to 11pm.
pre-registration starts at 4pm.
for more info check here.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

. portraits .

photographer friend Jordana Sheara photoed me for her Artist Series project. 
happy version and contemplative version below.
im sad i havent been able to update much here.
life happens and time just seems to wiz by.
finally starting to get into the swings of things.
hopefully creative juices will flow lots in the next couple months.