Sunday, February 27, 2022

'Ōmagatoki' Serigraph print

~ Ōmagatoki ~

12 color hand-pulled serigraph 18″ x 36.5″ Edition of 150, signed & numbered $725
I'm happy to announce my first serigraph print (also called silkscreen or screenprint) on paper, printed and published by Serio Press in Los Angeles. This is my first time creating a print edition using this traditional printmaking process. Serigraphy involves printing one color layer at a time by pushing ink through a mesh screen. The foundation for the image is based on an original graphite drawing I made specifically with this process in mind. Color was then added digitally by myself, and separated into 12 different color layers by the printmaker.

These prints will be available via a lottery system.
The lottery will open Friday, March 4th at 9am PST and closes Monday, March 7th at 9am PST.
(Check HERE and HERE for exact time and date for your time zone.)

Participants will need to submit a form to enter the lottery.

Winners will be contacted on Monday, March 7th, and can make the purchase. 

You can view more info on the Serio Press product page using this link: CLICK
At 9am PST on Friday we will add a link to the product page for entering the lottery.

Ōmagatoki is a Japanese term referring to the twilight hour, when the sun sets and the sky grows dark. Shadows start to slowly swallow the land, and a sudden cold wind sends a chill down the spine. Children are told to go home when it becomes dusk, for there may be dangerous creatures out in the unknown dark. Ōmagatoki, it is said, is when the spirits and monsters can cross over to our human world. They toy with us mortals, causing mischief and trickery. 

Ōmagatoki 逢魔時 literally means the hour of meeting evil spirits大禍時 (a different way of writing it) means the hour of great calamity

I personally find myself feeling quite melancholy and lonely during dusk. At the same time, as darkness sinks in, I can't suppress a feeling of anticipation and excitement that sometimes stirs inside me.

A small rough sketch of this drawing was originally created as a concept for a mural in Little Tokyo, Los Angeles, that didn't come to fruition. As my family and I are planning a big move from LA to the UK this year, we thought to revisit this image and recreate it into something unique. This piece was also inspired by a painting I had done in 2009 called 'Saying Goodbye'. It took me about 40 hours to complete the final pencil drawing which served as the basis for this print. I really enjoyed allowing myself to get lost in the drawing process.

I also found inspiration from vintage posters promoting carnivals/gigs/events, and psychedelic posters that used minimal yet striking colors. I also see a strong manga influence in this piece.

The original drawing will not be made available for purchase. She will stay with me for now.🌸

The drawing was then scanned. I digitally cleaned up the lines, made some adjustments, and then added/planned for the colors. Master printer, Tony Clough (and his team) at Serio Press, then worked their magic! And now we have a beautiful edition of prints.

This was my first serigraph print edition, and I had so much fun creating in a new medium. I’m grateful to have had this opportunity to work with Tony, Tri, David, and Benin at Serio Press. I learned so much making these prints, and I hope you’ll love them as much as I do!

Thank you for taking a look.
I hope you're well and keeping safe.

Stay weird.
Stay different.