Tuesday, April 24, 2012

. Hint Mint's Cooper Bates photos .

ive mentioned the Artists Series for Hint Mint before (blogged HERE).
planned to be released in the summer of this year.
there will be a release party in a few months. more info to come!

Cooper Bates from Hint Mint came by the other day to photograph me at work.

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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

. paint paint paint .

currently working on my next show for Jonathan Levine Gallery in New York. September 8th.

will be exploring with solid blacks. crisp lines and patterns.
juxtaposed with the subtle soft of face, figure, and such.

painting layers of intricate black shapes is completely meditating.
the challenge is how to incorporate other elements with it to make an interesting image.

hope the next few months will be fruitful. :)

~above image taken with Iphone app Instagram. (recently released for the Android too!)
i make frequent posts there (though mostly of food, kitties, and nicknacks).
find me there if you have an Iphone or Android! username : audkawa