Wednesday, February 15, 2012

. open print edition! .

we are pleased to announce
'Where I Rest' print is now available as an Open Edition! 
This is an unlimited edition, so anyone can purchase at any time!

giclee print on archival paper
14.75"x22.25" on 15"x 22.5" sheet
Signed (not numbered)
price: $80.00
shipping: US $12  / Int'l $20

~this print will be shipped in a tube (not flat) to expedite the shipping process.

~please allow up to 8 weeks for delivery.

~the print is available on my site.
in order to purchase you must be registered and signed on.

~prints are signed in the image area (not in the white space under the image).
so if/when you would like it to get framed, you do not have to leave a white border around the image.
this way, it will look more like the original!
if you prefer a white border, you must get it matted accordingly.

~if there are any problems or questions please email us at


  1. iT's wonderfull. I really want.

    Here, in Brazil, I'm sure that this art is going to be successful.

  2. Wow, this is awesome news! I know it says 'unlimited time' but if the sale does end, will it be announced? I'd hate to miss out.

    1. we plan to have it up for a looong while. but yes, will announce if we decide to take it down some day. ;)

  3. Hi Audrey,

    Will you be filling the shop with more open prints edition in the future? I love the blues, unfortunately, I don't have a room where the colours would match. >.<

  4. Ah! I'm trying to decorate a new living room and this would be so perfect... The colors are absolutely lovely. (Love that you're offering unlimited prints!)

  5. I know you said this is an open edition, but how long do you plan on having it available?? I need some time to save up but don't want to miss this.

    1. it'll be up for a long time. years maybe? will announce though if we do decide to take it down.

  6. I love your all works... so detailed. I love to watch them a long long time. Your works are always inspired me. :) -Love the secrets of your works.-

    However, I follow you in your all blogs, I'm glad you are on blogspot. :)

    I wish you the best. :)

  7. i was SO excited to see this! it's stunningly beautiful and i love every aspect of it...i'm beyond excited to own one of your amazing prints (i just placed my order), even if it is an open edition! i hope you decide to do more of these in the future, i like that it's more readily available for purchase and the price point is very accessible. thank you, audrey! :) now i just need to find a frame to complement it.

  8. I'm trying to purchase the print (registered & signed in) but am getting a message that says "Sorry, we're unable to process your request at this time."

    1. hmm. seems like a few people people are getting this message.
      give us an email and we'll try to fix it.
      sorry for the troubles.

  9. In which scale unit are the dimensions of the print? inch??

  10. Got the print today and I LOVE IT. The tube used for shipping is very nice and wide. I'm already letting it relax inside a cardboard-backed mylar sleeve before I take it to my framer this weekend. Looking forward to add this to my Audrey collection =D

    Best Regards
    -David G.

  11. Dear Audrey:
    I've been waiting for the print for 2 months, and haven't got it yet...could you check it for me, thanks...
    the following is my older info:

    Order ID: 4193798086
    Order date: 2-22-2012

    Li Huai Chang

  12. Dear Audrey,

    I am getting worried. I sent email to shop and info, and I did not get any answer. I have placed my order on the 22nd of February, 2012, paid it, and since then I am just waiting.
    I have not received any feedback.

    Please give me some sign, so I can still hope something will happen!
    Thank you, Eva.

    1. Hello, fortunately, the package finally arrived just now! I am very happy =)
      No need to worry for this anymore.
      Thank you, Eva.

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