Monday, October 13, 2014

Hello Kitty Show

The Japanese American National Museum presents 
Hello! Exploring the Supercute World of Hello Kitty
the first large-scale Hello Kitty museum retrospective in the United States.

40 artists creates work celebrating the iconic character.
opening October 11th at Japanese American National Museum in Los Angeles. 
show runs till April, so dont miss it!

also, my pieces and several other works will be available as exclusive prints sold only in-person at the museum.

read about it on:  Time Magazine  .  LA Times  .   LAist  .  Washington Post
'Hi Kitty'
13"x18" oil, ink, and graphite on wood
~ CLICK for lager view ~


  1. Hello, I wanted to say that I love your work, it is absolutely beautiful. When I focused on art in my career, I had developed a similar style of juxtaposing erotic beauty with a disturbing aesthetic. I think that is why I am so drawn to your work. It displays a simplistic elegance in form, with ornate detail in what seems to be the correct places.

    After much education, I am a computer scientist now, and I wanted to say that I appreciated reading on your wikipedia bio, that you stuck with your style despite professors directing you in a different direction. When I had begun work after my masters degree in computer science, I had several people (including professors) suggest I direct myself towards art, instead of code, mathematics, and computer science. I continue to devote myself to my studies across all forms that I can, and give myself to my 'style/vision' in technology, despite these comments. Success stories like yours empower me and give me hope. Thank you, and I hope you continue to create these beautiful works of art.

    As a post-script, my artistic style came from an inner conflict of my idea of beauty, and my own actual body. I struggled with an eating disorder for many years, and often drew and painted ephemeral, skeletal, abstracted (and occasionally deconstructed) female forms. I don't know if your work stems from a emotionally similar place, but if it does, I hope you are on your own path to finding inner peace as well.

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