Thursday, July 16, 2015

. 'It Was You' Timed Print Sale Giveaway .

 A little something extra for this upcoming 'It Was You' Timed Print Sale this weekend 7/18~7/19.
(for more info scroll to previous post)

An original mini painting can be yours!
Two lucky winners will be randomly selected to receive one of these in their order.
One will be going to an unframed print order, and another to a framed order.
Good Luck!
7"x11" oil and graphite on watercolor paper.
bigger view click HERE.


  1. Beautiful!! Whoever wins one will be very lucky!!

  2. This would be a dream come true! I find both absolutely stunning, and either one would look great in my home :)

  3. Indeed, beautiful paintings... would be perfect alongside my "It Was You" print... hint, hint :)


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