Sunday, May 10, 2015

Worcester Art Museum Mural

My first mural completed at Worcester Art Museum in Massachusetts.
for the Samurai! show, curated by Eric Nakamura from Giant Robot

Murals will be on display till May of 2016 (and most likely painted over after).

Local paper feature:
Local news TV feature:
Arrested Motion:
Worcester Mag:
35ft x5ft wall
It was such an honor and a great experience taking on this mural project with Mari and Andrew last week at the Worcetser Art Museum. Thankyou to everyone at the museum for giving us this precious experience. Special thanks to Adam, Eric, Katrina, Lisa, Yumi, and Nick for your generous support and hospitality. I can honestly say that I truly enjoyed this experience. The first day of painting I was overwhelmed and intimidated by the size and height of the wall. And most of all, it was challenging working in front of an audience. I felt very insecure and self conscious, and it was such a struggle to get into my own zone, and not worry about criticism. But day two felt a little better, and by day three I was enjoying seeing my image unravel. I felt more confident and found myself feeding off the energy of people that came to look and say hi. So, thank you to all that stopped by to show support and to chat. I’ll be tackling another mural soon, and am pretty excited about it. Working large scale is liberating, and hope this experience will shift and improve the way I work. It was a tough and exhausting week, but am so happy and grateful for it all. Thankyou! 


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